Lisa Sanecki 2010, Child Care

Thanky you so much for your prompt reply with my request for a live in caregiver. I have been in touch with another nanny service in the past that did not seem to realize the urgency or our situation. We lost our caregiver to permanent status, and have to struggle with schedules to arrange care for our children until a new replacement arrives. It is a very difficult situation trying to work, but finding good care for your children and someone you can trust. You followed up so promptly and left messages. I really appreciate. You also took valuable time to explain everything to me in detail, which is very important in this process. For that, we decided to commit to your service and disregard the other. It also appears that we have been fitted with a perfect candidate. We look forward to her arrival, and can’t wait to meet her. I am confident that the children will love her, and she will love my children. Again, thank you so much. You have given my husband and I a huge sigh of relief.

Thank you so much,

Lisa Sanecki