Gravelle Family, SK

Gravelle Family – Nena Dignomo, Live-in Craegiver, Arrival October 2011, Saskatchewan

My name is Barbara Gravelle I live in Canada and have a breathing diease and on oxygen 24/7. It was getting that I wasn’t be able to do much. It was very hard on my husband to work 15 hours a day and try to see to my personal things and keep up a house and make meals. One day we were talking about our situation and thought why don’t we hire a caregiver from the Philippines . Where to start , what to do. Well we talked to agent whom was very helpful. The paper work started. 
I am very happy for choosing the right girl. She is such a hard worker she does over and above 100 percent. She is just like a part of our family. She brings sunlight to our once dreary home. She has helped me so much with my health that I was 76 pounds now I am 100 pounds. Tell you what a wondeful cook. 
To be very serious we thank you to help us to find us the angel that has come into our life. Our angel’s name is Nena Dignomo.Godbless and merry christmas to evrybody and healthy new yr. more power!!