Where do we recruit?

Unlike most of the Canadian agencies we have our own office in Cyprus (European Union) where we have sourced applicants for Canadian families since 2003.

Currently in Cyprus there are about 20,000 live in nannies, caregivers and domestic helpers from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other countries.

Unfortunately Cyprus does not provide the opportunity to the Live in Caregivers to apply for permanent residence, and they cannot work in Cyprus for a period of more than 4 years (except in some rare cases).

In addition, working conditions and wages in Cyprus for domestic workers are not as attractive as in Canada.

Hiring from Cyprus has many benefits:

  • All applicants have experience of working with European mentality families, unlike applicants from Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan.
  • Wages for the Caregiver in Cyprus are at least 3 times lower than in Canada so it’s a great increase in earnings for the applicants coming from Cyprus.
  • Cyprus is a small island. Caregivers living here get used to the lack of public transport which isolates them from the other members of their community. Most of them have no problem adjusting to rural areas of Canada which face the same problems.
  • English is the second official language of the Island after Greek and Turkish. Most of the caregivers presently working in Cyprus communicate with their employers in English unlike caregivers presently working in Asian countries.
  • The Canadian Embassy in Italy (responsible for Cyprus residents) has very good processing times for live in caregivers compared to Embassies in other regions.

In the near future we are planning to open offices in other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and UAE where there are many domestic workers employed and the processing times in the Canadian Embassies are appropriate