The benefits of an in-home caregiver

The Benefits of an in-home caregiver

Yes an in-home caregiver is an out-of-pocket expense, but below are a number of reasons why it is also a worthwhile investment for your family:

  • An in-home caregiver offers better quality of life for your parents with continuity and consistency of care.  When Dads or Mom’s life is better, your life is better too. You will have peace of mind and sleep well at night knowing that your parent is being cared for properly.  All of those worries about if this is the right decision will disappear because you will see the difference it will make.  An in-home caregiver will treat you and your loved one with respect, dignity and friendliness and more importantly your parent can remain within their own home.  The in home care option keeps the dependant in familiar surroundings, living with those they have always been with including spouses and pets, and within the place they call home. Moving to unfamiliar surroundings and adjusting to new people and environments can often lead to distress for dependents, especially the elderly, but long term caregivers provide a simple and easy transition to at-home care and the consistency of care provision.
  • An in-home caregiver gives familiarity and companionship. It is always easier to become familiar with someone you live with, and with familiarity comes friendship and connection, which are aspects of in-home care that no other form of care can guarantee. In-home care provides the dependent with a level of friendship and companionship that other care options simply cannot provide, and this is particularly true for patients with psychological problems such as Dementia. In cases where relatives are worried about communication and friendship, in-home care is the perfect solution.
  • In-home caregivers are not only able to provide round-the-clock support in certain cases (which for some is a necessary requirement), but in getting to know the dependant are able to provide the most accurate and suitable care, and understand the needs of the dependant as well as members of the family. Tailored care is another important factor, which is much easier to provide with an in-home caregiver.
  • An in-home caregiver reduces risks. Less falls, no household accidents and eliminates medication hazards such as, not taking medication regularly, or taking the wrong dosage. Many elderly people wind up in the hospital because they are not taking their medication properly.
  • An in-home caregiver becomes your eyes and ears and can uncover hidden problems – unsafe hazards in the home and problems such as your parent isn’t eating, their memory condition is progressing and they’re not taking their medication.
  • With an in-home caregiver, you can be sure that your loved one is not left in the house alone in case accidents or emergency issues arise. You can have peace of mind knowing that your elderly relative has someone who feeds, cleans and changes them and they are never alone, unclean or hungry.
  • An in-home caregiver allows you to be the child again. She will handle the crisis and solve the problems so that you can be the loving sons and daughters that you are. It is often stressful for an elderly parent to be cared for by their own children.  They don’t want to be a burden to their own family even though this is not how you see it.  And yes you can even take a vacation knowing they will be cared for!
  • An in-home caregiver will let you focus on your work. You won’t be absent or distracted as much, you’ll have less stress and you won’t have to leave the workforce to care for your parent.  You will spend more quality time with your elderly relative rather than it being another job to do.