Our Standards for the Caregivers

Every Caregiver and Nanny is interviewed personally by our Recruitment Coordinator and then by the Placement Coordinator.

Please see our minimum standards for the Nannies & Caregiver

  • Minimum age – 18 years.
  • Language ability – All caregivers speak a minimum of two languages. They all have the ability to read, speak and understand English. We have caregivers that also speak Hindi, Punjabi, Greek, and Mandarin etc.
  • Education – Minimum required level of education is equivalent of the Canadian High School. Applicants from Philippines will complete at least High School + 2 years of College or University, applicants from India and Nepal will have at least Matrix +2 Certificate and applicants from Sri Lanka will have at least 3 A-level subjects completed. Some of the applicants have also completed a 6 month Live in Caregiver course, and are trained in First Aid and CPR.
  • Experience – All of our clients are currently employed by European families as live in nannies, caregivers or domestic helpers and have at least 1 year of recent related experience.
  • Criminal & Medical record – All of our clients are free from communicable and contagious diseases and have no criminal records.

Before any profile of the caregiver can be circulated we require the following original documents:

  • All passports, recent and previous ones.
  • Birth certificates (including immediate family members, if any).
  • Documents proving marital status.
  • Documents proving legal status in the country of residence.
  • Documents proving Education & Training – diplomas, transcripts or records, certificates etc.
  • Documents proving Experience – contracts, work permits, certificates of employment, reference letters.

We require confirmation of Education or Employment regardless of the time passed since it was completed or the relevance to the position they look for now.

We interview our applicants face to face to get to know them.  We build profiles covering their life from where they grew up to what they are doing now.  We talk about life experiences with them and we discuss what is important for the applicant from their employers.

We verify their recent references wherever possible. Verification of the education, training, medical and criminal information is completed by the Canadian Immigration authorities as a part of the Work Permit process however if we have reason to doubt the authenticity of any documentation provided, we carry out our own stringent checks.