In-Home Caregiver or Temporary Relief?

It’s not just disabled people who are challenged by disability, but also the people who care for them. Caring for a child, senior or an adult with a disability can be difficult and challenging. You often face new demands, and frequently need the help, guidance and support of others. Occasionally, you simply need a break to run errands, do housekeeping or simply rest. But the most important factor to remember is you need to maintain your own health for their sake.

There are various options open to you and you have to decide the right support for your circumstances. It may be simply that you need a break and someone to come in to your home at agreed times to look after your loved one. This could be to help wash and dress them or administer medication. This gives you time out to recharge your batteries but it is not long before you are back to the way things were – feeling tired, not able to spend quality time with your family, unable to spend quality time with your disabled relative.

An alternative option is to employ an in-home caregiver. This support gives you the opportunity to look after yourself also. You will have time for other family members but also the time spent with your loved one is quality time and not just working hard to look after them.

If you answer yes to a least 2 of the statements below then you need help:

Would your son enjoy some company to keep loneliness at bay?
Does your daughter need help with daily routines or even full time live-in support?
You are unable to continue caring for a family member by yourself?
Does your loved one need 24/7 support in the home, which is not possible to achieve on your own?
Is it becoming more difficult to balance competing demands of work, family and caregiving?
Do you simply need a break?
If it is yes, then it’s time to get help. An in-home caregiver will offer a better quality of life for you and your loved ones, offering peace of mind, care and compassion.