How to choose the right Caregiver?

You need to be clear on what you need – medical support, daily chores in the home, cooking, or simply just personal care for you or your loved one. Take time to interview the Caregiver – a good interview should be for at least 30 minutes:

  • Try to understand about their background.  What similar roles have they done before?
  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • What types of hobbies and interests do they enjoy?
  • Check references.
  • Will they fit in with your family?
  • Will they get on with you and your loved one?
  • Assess the qualities of the Caregiver.
  • Are they strong but show empathy?
  • Will they make you feel they are always there to help?
  • Are they professional but friendly?
  • Do they show concern about the quality of work they do?
  • Are they flexible and able to adapt to change?
  • Tell them what you are looking for and what your expectations are.
  • Be open when talking to the care giver so there are no surprises.
  • Interview more than one caregiver to ensure you choose the right one.

Be aware:

Children with special needs

Should you decide to hire a foreign in-home caregiver to care for your special child, here is what you have to know:

There is only one program: The In-home caregiver program. Under this program, several types of caregivers are available and each caregiver must be qualified for the type of care required. If it’s a child with special needs, you may need a caregiver who has experience with children AND disabilities. If a caregiver has completed a 6-month caregiver course in Philippines, most likely she will be approved for the job. If she did not complete such a course, she may need to prove that she has at least one year experience in a similar job. We will only send you profiles of caregivers qualified for such a position under the requirements of CIC.

Handicapped young adult

If it’s a young adult who needs care, the caregiver will need to have relevant experience – a nanny who has only taken care of small children will not qualify. A caregiver with experience with elderly may qualify if her previous or current job involved taking care of an elderly with a disability. A nurse may be a good option if the disability is physical – she would be not so good a choice if the disability is mental or developmental. The caregiver should be able to relate to the young person, become not only a caregiver but also a companion and friend. We will only send you profiles of caregivers qualified for such a position under the requirements of CIC.

Handicapped seniors

A nurse with training and experience in geriatric medicine would be probably ideal. If you can’t find one, try someone who has relevant experience. Many caregivers abroad have years of experience dealing with elderly and handicapped persons and have learned to deal with them, even in very difficult situations.

Always interview extensively, ask questions… In the end, this is going to be a person who will have full responsibility of the family members you love. She will live in your house or the house of your relative. There must be reasonable expectation of compatibility and understanding between the caregiver and the person who needs care.