How much does it cost?

Many families are under the impression that in home care is an expensive option and only rich families can afford it.  Give us a call and we will give you the figures.  It really is an affordable and valuable childcare option for a working class family and often the costs are less than Day Care or a Nursing Home.  And don’t forget the benefits that come with this affordable solution – flexible hours, peace of mind, one-on-one care and more time for you to do those important things in life, to name but a few.

The salary you pay will vary according to the region and province that you live in and the type of care required – child care, elder care or disabled care.  By contacting us we can provide you with an indication of how much this really will cost you and many families are pleasantly surprised at the cost for such a flexible, dedicated one on one care solution.  So call today on 416-840-5637 to find out if this will work for you.

There are other expenses that you will incur:

  • Workers’ Compensation (WSIB) or alternative insurance – some provinces already have this plan in place, some do not – in these cases, an equivalent accident insurance must be purchased for the caregiver.
  • Medical insurance until the provincial coverage starts. In some provinces, the waiting period is about 3 months.  Always check with your local labor office for the rules in your Province.
  • Transportation – you are responsible for paying the cost of transportation from the place where the caregiver lives to your home.
  • Recruitment – did we mention that we offer a highly professional service at an affordable price? Please contact us to find out our surprisingly affordable offer and flexible payment terms.