How long will it take?

When can my nanny or caregiver start?  This is a question we are asked daily. 

Most of our families need a nanny or caregiver to start “yesterday” and timing is our prime concern. It’s obvious that you do not want to wait long for your “God Send” to bring balance and quality to your life but the benefits this solution offers are definitely worth waiting for.

Processing times depend on three factors.  Some we can influence and others we cannot.

  • How loaded is ESDC with applications from families willing to hire a foreign live in nanny or caregiver (something we can’t change).  At the moment it takes approximately 8 weeks for this process.

Where your nanny is located and applying for her work permit. This was a major deciding factor when we opened our recruitment office in Cyprus (EU) where processing times are very favourable compared to Asia and some other regions – at the moment it takes around 4 weeks.

  • How well you organise your part of the process and paperwork – We are Experts at this! We have over 10 years of experience in the processing of caregivers, and have, over time developed a process that really works and eliminates delays (but this is subject to you providing required documents or information in a timely manner). Any applicant that we introduce to you has already demonstrated their readiness to apply for the work permit by providing us with all the documents they will need. Some of the applicants hire Canadian immigration consultants to prepare and file their work permit application