How do we recruit and match?

This is a joint process.  We are only as good as the information you give us.  Tell us everything we need to know about your family and we will match with our applicants.

Our process has developed over 10 years of successful placements of caregivers for Canadian families.

  • Recruitment:

Our overseas office continuously advertises nanny and caregiver positions through the distribution of leaflets, advertising in the local media, through the website and Facebook. However most of our candidates are referrals from our successfully placed applicants in the past. We are the only recruitment office in Cyprus recruiting nannies and caregivers for Canada and have done so successfully for the past 10 years. We have weekly departures of nannies and caregivers to Canada which encourages friends of successful applicants to apply to our agency. “Word of mouth” fills our database with highly skilled applicants on a daily basis which provides you the family with a good selection of candidates to choose from.

  • Acceptance procedure/Assessment of the application:

Every applicant wanting to apply must first attend a 2 hour orientation session which is free of charge and held on a weekly basis where they find out in detail the requirements of the Canadian In-Home Caregiver program, working conditions, benefits and wages depending on the provinces, job descriptions of the nanny or caregiver, steps in the process, timing, rights and obligations, job hunting techniques etc. After orientation, interested applicants are given an Application Form and a list of required documents.

Once the applicant is ready to submit their application they call our office for an appointment.

Our recruitment coordinator will meet the applicant in person, review their application and documents to identify if the applicant meets our selection criteria.

If the applicant appears to qualify the Recruitment Coordinator will perform checks to identify the history of the applicant starting after completion of High School against provided documents, verify references and police clearances. Once completed, the Applicant will be requested to come again to our office to confirm and authorize the data for distribution, answer any questions we may have and provide additional documents.

As a part of the assessment every applicant meets the Placement Coordinator who is responsible for assisting families when recruiting a caregiver.

Some of the applicants will hire a Canadian Licensed Immigration Consultancy to assess their qualification and assist with the work permit.

Our selection process is based on merit and qualifications to do the job and not on gender, race or any other discriminatory basis. The goal is to find the right people. Only those candidates who meet the required standard at each stage will be accepted to proceed.

  • Matching:

Unlike other agencies we do not publish resumes of our available candidates on our website.

We know how busy you are and do not want you to surf hundreds of profiles. You will get lost trying to identify who is good for the position and who qualifies. Let us do it for you. We speak to each family and identify their needs. We also speak to each caregiver, after this our Placement Coordinator will short list applicants based on your requirements and your family interests and send you only those who in our professional opinion are a right match for you.

You will have the option to review the Resumes, photo galleries and supporting documents of the Applicants to choose candidates for phone or Skype interview.

We will provide you with Interview Tips and Questions to help the selection process and help you to identify the right applicant. We will continue the search and arrange interviews until you are confident to make an employment offer and there is no commitment required from you unless we find a suitable candidate.

Note: All FreeFromCare services are FREE FOR THE CAREGIVER. Some of the Applicants may choose to hire immigration consultants to assist them with the work permit application however this service is optional and is not provided by FreeFromCare.