How are your candidates screened?

First, every candidate has to attend a 2-hour free-of-charge orientation session to learn the requirements of the Canadian In-Home caregiver program, the benefits that it offers and what the options are in finding a job. This enables them to make an informed decision before they pursue the Job in Canada as a Nanny or Caregiver.

Every person who decides to apply for a job will personally attend our Cyprus office and meet with the Recruitment and Placement coordinator. Our interviews focus on evaluating individual character, common sense and genuine desire to pursue the caregiving career.

Before an Applicant can be accepted for the process we ensure they meet the minimum requirements of the program and require proof of their identity, confirmation of the relevant education and experience. We verify their references and check education and employment history back to their High School days.

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Also, every caregiver is screened by the Canadian Visa Office. They request Police Clearance Certificates from their country of origin and all other countries where they have lived or worked for more than 6 months in the past. In addition to that a complete medical check is also performed before the visa is issued.