Caregiver or Nursing home?

Some things to consider when planning for the future of your loved once:

Nursing home:

Pros Cons
Complete care Long waiting time
Medical help available 24/7 Expensive
Supervised environment Lack of privacy
Social network available May be too far from your home
Sense of isolation from family
Restrictions in visitation (stay over, visit hours etc)

Temporary relief:

Pros Cons
No paperwork Temporary, short-term (few hours a day)
Professional staff Expensive
No shopping, cleaning

Live-out caregiver:

Pros Cons
No or little paperwork other than CRA employer account and remittance of wages ALMOST impossible to find
Regular hours No or limited flexibility
Shopping, cleaning available (not always) Expensive
Parents can stay at home

Foreign In-home caregiver:

Pros Cons
The cheapest long-term solution Upfront cost
Flexible hours (split hours, weekends, night, etc.) Requires additional private bedroom
Big selection of qualified applicants (many with medical background) Government program: paperwork and waiting period
Parents can stay at home
Shopping, cleaning available
More close relationship with the Employer