Can I afford in home care?

Many families do believe that in-home care is an expensive solution and only rich families can afford it. But if you look at it you can clearly see that the cost of the Caregiver is affordable and a valuable solution and in many instances could cost less than Day Care or a Nursing Home.

There are expenses that the family will incur before the caregiver arrives:

Advertisement – most websites, including the Job Bank, do not charge for the advertisement but local newspapers do charge.

Recruitment – if you are not able to find a caregiver on your own, and hire an agency to find you the right person, you will have to pay the cost of the recruitment. Different agencies have different prices but beware of agencies that do not charge anything. Not only does it mean that they charge the recruitment fee to the caregiver, it also means that you, the employer, could be found breaking provincial rules.

Airfare – you are responsible for paying the cost of transportation from the place where the caregiver lives to your home and also back to their home of residence upon completion of their employment with you.

Contact us for a quotation on the before arrival charges! We have developed surprisingly affordable solutions for you!

After the caregiver arrives, you will be responsible for:

Wages – each region within each province has different hourly minimum wages for in-home caregivers.  The wages also vary according to the type of in-home caregiver that you need – nanny, elder care or disabled care.  Contact us to find out how much it will be for you to hire your in-home caregiver.