Becoming an employer

You are exhausted and the burden of responsibility is heavy on your shoulders. You have a full-time job and children who need every second of your free time. You have parents living in their own house, sometimes an hour or more of driving each day. Or, perhaps they already live in your house and demand more and more of your attention and time. You haven’t had time to go to get a haircut in months… you forgot what it means to go out and relax with friends… the house begins to resemble a war zone…?

It’s time for a change and we have the perfect solution for you – a Nanny or Caregiver – an extra pair of professional hands that will make your life free from care! In-Home Care is great value, but more importantly offers peace of mind and security for the ones you care about.

Having years of experience in referring nannies and caregivers to families we know what it takes to take make this very important and sensitive decision. We are here to make sure that the Caregiver is the right solution for your family, help you to select the right employee, and navigate through the hiring process.

We know you only have one pair of hands and sometimes need another. We understand that sometimes you’ve been up all night and we haven’t so we will do all we can to give you all the help and advice you need and we will never forget that having a baby was the best thing that ever happened to you, promise!

It’s all about YOU, our clients, so let’s do it right, let’s do it together! Contact us on 416-840-5637 to find out if yu qualify to hire an in-home caregiver.

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