About Us

We are a Canada wide placement agency offering a highly professional service for a fraction of the price charged by high street agents. Since 2003 more than 860 families across Canada have used our services. We must be doing something right. Here are 7 great reasons why you should use our agency

We meet ALL nannies and caregivers in person.

Bringing a stranger to your home will be associated with some risk. Unlike the majority of Agents who recruit their nannies and caregivers through partner offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, India and Thailand, we have our own overseas office located in Cyprus (European Union). From our own office we recruit highly experienced applicants and ONLY if they pass through a personal interview with our recruitment and placement coordinator and meet strict selection requirements.

Our screening process is meticulous.

The crucial part of the process is matching the right family with the right nanny or caregiver but what is the use of the matching service if the nanny never crosses the Canadian border? According to annual statistics from CIC, in 2011 approximately 4 out of 10 nannies or caregivers offered a job by a Canadian family were refused admission to Canada. Our meticulous candidate screening processes, developed over the past 10 years for our families have resulted in a 97% approval rate of our candidates by the Canadian Visa offices in 2015. The 3% of refusals received were the result of a withdrawal of the Job Offer by the employers due to a change in their circumstances. Take a look at our success stories. This could be you.

We know how to reduce the processing time.

Have we already told you we are obsessed with efficiency? If we didn’t tell you, that’s OK because now you know. The overall processing time depends on two areas – the time it takes the Government authorities to assess applications (and we’re sorry to say we cannot change this) and how you organize your process and your paperwork – and this is where we are experts. We will help you reduce the time it takes by guiding both you and your nanny through the requirements, ensuring that you do not cause delays in our own process. And as an added benefit, if your paperwork is completed correctly, this will speed up processing of your application in the government offices too. Unlike other agencies, who outsource their recruitment to partner offices overseas, we have direct contact with both Families and Nannies which improves communication between all parties making it clearer, faster and much easier to co-ordinate.

We are professionals with over 10 years of industry related experience.

As a service provider we understand that quality of service equals quality of employees. Our overseas recruitment office is staffed by professional personnel from the UK with HR, recruitment and administration backgrounds and at least 5 years of experience in recruiting and processing nannies and caregivers for Canada. We also have a licensed Canadian immigration consultant as part of our team, who is a member of ICCRC, who has many years of experience.

We offer value for money.

Efficiency! Efficiency! Efficiency! We don’t have expensive high street offices in Canada and our overseas recruitment is done through our own overseas recruitment office. All cases and processes are managed on our Customer Management System. Both of these areas enable us to make significant savings compared to other agents and we like to pass these on to our clients.

We will not ask for upfront payment and offer flexible payment terms.

Unlike most agents we don’t believe in tying you in to a contract or asking for payment before you find your suitable applicant. You can leave us at any time before making the job offer – if our candidates do not meet your requirements or you are not happy with how we handled your request, you pay us nothing. Once you have chosen your suitable candidate our fees are payable in 2 stages throughout the process.

We know where you are coming from because we have been there.

We are also parents and spouses living in the 21st Century of high level stress trying to balance our lives between family, work, ageing parents and friends. When you describe your day of juggling the challenges of everyday life, you are more than likely describing experiences that we have also had. We will not judge you or criticise but we will empathise because we know what it’s like. Nothing will be a surprise and everything has a solution.