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Government Approval For In-Home Caregivers

After 10 months of adapting to the changes introduced by the Goverment to the In-Home Caregiver program we can finally say that so far all of our clients have had their LMIA’s approved.

Naturally changes cause confusion and it was a challnging time for all of us, Agencies, HRSDC and the Families needing care but we have managed to get through it. We can now say that the process of obtaining a Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) is more concentrated on the circumstances of each family which is taken in consideration when a decision for the approval is made and no two cases are the same.

The perception is that the new process introduced in November 2014 would slow the process down, but in fact we have seen our process completed in a shorter period of time. FreeFromcare takes time to understand the needs and circumstances of each of our clients and undertake representation only in cases if we genuinely believe approval can be received. Our consultation is free of charge and each case has to be considered on it’s individual merits.

If you are just reseraching your options or have tried to pass through the process and failed for any reason please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and we will be more than happy to provide assistance to you.

Why Use Us

Value for money

Many families are under the impression that in home care is an expensive option and only rich families can afford it.  Give us a call and we will give you the figures.  It really is an affordable and valuable childcare option for a working class family and often the costs are less than Day Care or a Nursing Home.  And don’t forget the benefits that come with this affordable solution – flexible hours, peace of mind, one-on-one care and more time for you to do those important things in life, to name but a few.

Experienced staff

Every Caregiver and Nanny is interviewed personally by our Recruitment Coordinator and then by the Placement Coordinator. All of our clients are currently employed by European families as live in nannies, caregivers or domestic helpers and have at least 1 year of recent related experience.

Meticulous screening

Every Caregiver and Nanny is interviewed personally by our Recruitment Coordinator and then by the Placement Coordinator. Before any profile of the caregiver can be circulated we require several original documents

Processing time

Most of our families need a nanny or caregiver to start “yesterday” and timing is our prime concern. It’s obvious that you do not want to wait long for your “God Send” to bring balance and quality to your life but the benefits this solution offers are definitely worth waiting for.

Our Services

Free consultation

Over the past 10 months hiring foreign in-home caregivers has proven to be a challenging process due to the government reforms. FreeFromCare offers Free Consultation for every family considering the foreign in-home caregiver program. We will help you to understand the requirements and evaluate if this is the best root to follow to meet your childcare or care giving needs.

Recruitment service

FreeFromCare only recruit applicants through our own office located in the EU and we meet all of our applicants face to face. We are able to physically check the credentials of our applicant’s, assess their communication skills and where possible, speak directly with their current employers to gain a direct reference. Meeting our applicants makes our matching process much more effective


All our families will get full support and representation by FreeFromCare and our experienced ICCRC licensed Immigration Consultant. To date, FreeFromCare have had approval for all clients they have worked with since the changes were made by the Government in November of 2014. Some cases may take longer than the others but we will provide guidance and support throughout until completion. 

Process coordination

There are two government processes that must be completed before your in-home caregiver can start working with your family. Communication is key to the process running smoothly and quickly. FreeFromCare will provide one point of contact for you. Our current processing times of 12-18 weeks can only be achieved if communication channels are open, constructive and honest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nanny or Caregiver, how they can help you?

Let’s first define what the difference is between a nanny and a caregiver. The difference is strictly semantics – a nanny is a caregiver but is in charge of children. When we say caregiver we mean a person who takes care of elderly, disabled or handicapped people of any age. In-Home Nannies care for children…

Obligations of the Employer

Before you get started it is always good to understand your obligations.  When hiring a nanny or caregiver you are becoming an official employer so you must: Comply with the labour regulations for your Province. Provide the caregiver with a written contract clearly outlining their duties, which we will help you with. Keep records of the…

Our Standards for the Caregivers

Every Caregiver and Nanny is interviewed personally by our Recruitment Coordinator and then by the Placement Coordinator. Please see our minimum standards for the Nannies & Caregiver Minimum age – 18 years. Language ability – All caregivers speak a minimum of two languages. They all have the ability to read, speak and understand English. We have…

Where do we recruit?

Unlike most of the Canadian agencies we have our own office in Cyprus (European Union) where we have sourced applicants for Canadian families since 2003. Currently in Cyprus there are about 20,000 live in nannies, caregivers and domestic helpers from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other countries. Unfortunately Cyprus does not provide the…

Customer Testimonials

I have recommended your agency anytime I speak with someone who enquires about getting a nanny. I cannot say enough about how well our experience was with FreeFromCare and how lucky we were to end up with Noime! Thanks again Jillian Arneaud, May 2012. Paris, Ontario Free From Care Staff, Thank you so much for…

Jillian Arneaud

It is my pleasure to recommend highly FreeFromCare live in Nanny Agency. We had gone through a live in Nanny agency out of Toronto and we ran into some big issues with them. I found the FreeFromCare agency online and picked up the phone one day and began my relationship with them. From day one,…

Jim Atcheson

I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner. As you’ve probably guessed, we have decided not to proceed with a live-in nanny at this time. We have been going back and forth over this for weeks and keep coming to the same conclusion: we are just not ready. Because I have decided to return…


Had an awesome long talk with Cynthia/Cindy today and also talked with family. We both wished we lived closer. Thanks so much Derek. Cynthia thinks the world of you – I see why!! Have a great day. Best regards.

Shelley McGarry

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