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We offer a fast, reliable service to help families across Canada to find qualified a foreign nanny or caregiver.
Please fill in the form below and we will give you free expert advice and tell you everything you need to know about hiring a nanny or caregiver.
Sarah Barrett & FreeFromCare
I am originally from the UK and relocated to Cyprus (EU) in 2000. I have over 30 years of experience in recruitment in the UK and Cyprus. I have family both in Cyprus and UK and have 3 amazing but naughty little dogs that were rescued in Cyprus. In my spare time I love to cook and have in recent years developed a love of baking cakes for family, friends and neighbours – I always seem to get the difficult cakes and rise to the challenge every time.

Once a friend, who relocated from the UK to Canada, contacted me to see if I could help them find a nanny from the Philippines, as they had heard many Filipino's worked in Cyprus. I had a Filipino friend who was in Cyprus and was very interested in the position. From this initial introduction, FreeFromCare was borne in 2003 and since then we have assisted over 1000 families to find their nanny or caregiver from the experienced applicants working in Cyprus.

It is never easy accepting a complete stranger into your home to care for your loved ones and being in the same country as the applicants, I am able to act as your eyes and ears. I listen to what you need and what is important to you. I apply this knowledge when I meet the experienced nannies and caregivers and match the employer to the right carers.

My clients are private households and individuals across Canada who are not able to find reliable affordable Childcare, Elder Care of Disabled Care in Canada and require peace of mind and assistance in understanding the complex process of bringing Nannies and Caregivers from overseas.

We are always interested in cooperation with other recruitment agencies in Canada, Mother's networks, etc. Please for cooperation write me on

How to hire foreign Nanny or a Caregiver?
As of June 18, 2019, you may be able to hire foreign nanny or a caregiver through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot or Home Support Worker Pilot if you:
  • meet the eligibility requirements (min required income and genuine need for a nanny or a caregiver), and
  • offer job in one of these occupations - Child care provider (NOC 4411) or Home Support Worker (NOC 4412)
Through these pilots, foreign worker will get an open work permit to come to Canada and work temporarily. This work permit:

  • is occupation-restricted (so only allows them to work in that specific occupation)
  • does not need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • enables them to gain the 24 months of work experience they require to be eligible for permanent residence.
You are no longer required to pay LMIA fee or the flight for the Caregiver to come to Canada.
How it works
Contact us by calling +416 840 56 37 or fill in the online Call Back form. We will contact you within 24 hrs to explore your needs and learn as much as is needed about your family to match the right applicants
We will look in the database for the most suitable pre-screened applicants to work with your family. You will receive 3-5 profiles and decide who you wish to interview.
When you find the right candidate and make an offer of employment, we will assist you to complete the required Employment Offer Form with assistance from our ICCRC Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant.
Arrival & Support
Once your Nanny or Caregiver obtains her visa, we will coordinate her arrival date and will provide you with an "Arrival Kit" to assist with a carefree settlement. We maintain contact throughout the duration of employment.
How can we help you?
Since 2003 we have helped over 1000 families across Canada to find great Nannies and Caregivers.
Free Consultation:
Over the past few months hiring foreign in-home caregivers has proven to be a challenging process due to the government reforms. FreeFromCare offers Free Consultation for every family considering the In Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilots. We will help you to understand the requirements and evaluate if this is the best root to follow to meet your childcare or caregiving needs.
FreeFromCare only recruit applicants through our own office located in the EU and we meet all of our applicants face to face. We are able to physically check the credentials of our applicant's, assess their communication skills and where possible, speak directly with their current employers to gain a direct reference. Meeting our applicants makes our matching process much more effective
We offer guidance and support throughout the process. Bringing an overseas nanny to Canada may seem a complex procedure but not when you have us as your support team. Communication is key to the process running smoothly and quickly. FreeFromCare will provide one point of contact for you. Our current processing times of 12-16 months can only be achieved if communication channels are open, constructive and honest.
Painless Immigration process:
All applicants in our database are assessed by a Canadian ICCRC Licensed Immigration Consultant to ensure they meet the requirements of the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilots and can join your family in the shortest possible time. To date, FreeFromCare have had approval for all clients they have worked with since the first major changes were made by the Canadian Government in November of 2014.
Why choose us
Since 2003 Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier.
Individual Approach
We are working with each client personally being a family or a nanny or a caregiver. This results in successful matching and faster processing. Our matching result mean that 98% of the placements remain with their families for more than the 24 month contract.
We are always there for you throughout the process and also during the time that your Nanny or Caregiver is with you. You can call or email us and we will guide you through any problem you face with the process or employment of your caregiver or nanny.
Sarah Barrett has over 30 years of experience in the field of HR & Recruitment in the UK & Cyprus and has almost 20 years of experience working with Canadian Families and Asian Caregivers. By working with us you will get access to all that knowledge which will make your experience a real free from care one.
Sarah Barrett has managed recruitment call centres and teams with up to 100 agents working for clients including Transport for London, Red Bull, Sainsburys, Glaxo and Ferrero. For the past 10 years Sarah has worked closely with a very experienced ICCRC Immigration consultant R412567, Camilla Jones, who has been in private practice as an immigration consultant since 1995. Prior to this, Camilla was a Manager with CIC. She co-founded the Immigration Consultants' Listserv, is a co-author of the Immigration Practitioner's and teaches Immigration and Refugee Law to Paralegals.
Read our extensive Questions and Answers Section to find out more about the process and all you need to know about hiring an overseas nanny or caregiver
Do we need to pay before we find the right candidate?
Unlike the majority of agents we don't believe in tying you in to a contract or ask for payment before you find suitable candidates. You can leave us at any time before a job offer is made without paying us a cent if our candidates do not meet your requirements or you are not happy with how we handled your request.
How are your candidates screened?
First, every candidate has to attend a 2-hour free-of-charge orientation session to learn the requirements of the Canadian program, the benefits that it offers and what the options are in finding a job. This enables them to make an informed decision before they pursue the Job in Canada as a Nanny or Caregiver.

Every person who decides to apply for a job will spend time talking to our Recruitment Coordinator where we evaluate their individual character, common sense and genuine desire to pursue the caregiving career.

Before an Applicant can be accepted for the process we require ICCRC Licensed immigration consultant assessment to ensure they meet the minimum requirements of the program, proof of their identity, confirmation of the relevant education and experience, Police Clearance reports. We verify their references and check education and employment history back to their High School days.

Of course there are no guarantees for any applicant as we are in the hands of immigration once their application is submitted but we cover as much as we can to ensure they are in the very best position they can be.
Do we have to pay the airfare or immigration costs?
Under the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot, new Permanent Residence Programs that commenced in June 2020, you no longer have to pay the flight for the nanny/caregiver to come to Canada and the nanny/caregiver is responsible for her own immigration costs.
I found a Nanny in Canada who needs a work permit, can you assist?
If you are fortunate enough to find a nanny or caregiver already in Canada, who requires a work permit to work for you, we can assist you with the Labour Market Impact Assessment process through our ICCRC immigration consultant - from the initial advertising, through to the preparation and submission of the application to Service Canada. Contact me to discuss this further.
Note: These are sample profiles, for you to get an indication of the calibre of applicants we can provide you. One of our agency strengths is matching, which is achieved after careful listening to both the Family and the Caregiver, this is one of the reasons we do not publish ALL profiles. Please complete the form below and we will contact you to understand your needs and send you profiles of matching applicants.
This service is offered for FREE and there is no commitment to hire.
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