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Government Approval For In-Home Caregivers

After 10 months of adapting to the changes introduced by the Goverment to the In-Home Caregiver program we can finally say that so far all of our clients have had their LMIA’s approved.

Naturally changes cause confusion and it was a challnging time for all of us, Agencies, HRSDC and the Families needing care but we have managed to get through it. We can now say that the process of obtaining a Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) is more concentrated on the circumstances of each family which is taken in consideration when a decision for the approval is made and no two cases are the same.

The perception is that the new process introduced in November 2014 would slow the process down, but in fact we have seen our process completed in a shorter period of time. FreeFromcare takes time to understand the needs and circumstances of each of our clients and undertake representation only in cases if we genuinely believe approval can be received. Our consultation is free of charge and each case has to be considered on it’s individual merits.

If you are just reseraching your options or have tried to pass through the process and failed for any reason please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and we will be more than happy to provide assistance to you.

Why Use Us

Value For Money

If, like us, you don’t believe high street offices, overseas recruitment trips or personal meetings worth thousands of dollars that will add to your agency fees, then please use our services and spend your savings on something that has value for you!  Our own overseas recruitment office located in Europe making recruitment process cost efficient.

Experienced Staff

As a service provider we understand that quality of service equals quality of employees. FreeFromCare is staffed by professional personnel with many years of experience in dealing with recruiting and processing of nannies and caregivers for Canada. A licensed immigration consultant, member of ICCRC is part of our team.

Meticulous screening

According to latest statistics, only 10 % of the LIMA applications have been approved by HRSDC and 40% of the caregivers were refused admission to Canada by CIC.  Our meticulous families and candidate screening processes that we have developed over the past 13 years, have resulted in a 100% approval rate of our families by HRSDC and 99% candidates by the Canadian Visa office in 2015.

Processing time

We have direct contact with both Families and Caregivers, which improves communication between all parties making it clearer, faster and much easier to co-ordinate.  The Canadian Visa office in Rome, responsible for our applicants, is one of the fastest, which means processing from selecting your in-home caregiver can be as fast as 12-18 weeks.

Our Services

Free Consultation

Over the past 10 months hiring foreign in-home caregivers has proven to be a challenging process due to the government reforms.  FreeFromCare offers Free Consultation for every family considering the foreign in-home caregiver program. We will help you to understand the requirements and evaluate if this is the best root to follow to meet your childcare or care giving needs.

Recruitment service

FreeFromCare only recruit applicants through our own office located in the EU and we meet all of our applicants face to face.  We are able to physically check the credentials of our applicant’s, assess their communication skills and where possible, speak directly with their current employers to gain a direct reference.  Meeting our applicants makes our matching process much more effective.


All our families will get full support and representation by FreeFromCare and our experienced ICCRC licensed Immigration Consultant. To date, FreeFromCare have had approval for all clients they have worked with since the changes were made by the Government in November of 2014. Some cases may take longer than the others but we will provide guidance and support throughout until completion.

Process coordination

There are two government processes that must be completed before your in-home caregiver can start working with your family.  Communication is key to the process running smoothly and quickly.  FreeFromCare will provide one point of contact for you. Our current processing times of 12-18 weeks can only be achieved if communication channels are open, constructive and honest.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get my LMIA approved? After 10 months of adapting to the changes introduced by the Goverment to the In-Home Caregiver program we can finally say that so far all of our clients have had their LMIA’s approved. Naturally changes cause confusion and it was a challnging time for all of us, Agencies,... Filipino Nanny - why to hire and what are the advantages? When a baby is born in your family this is one of the happiest days in your life! You are now parents and the status brings not only joy and smiles but constant round-the clock hard work. Sooner or later we all feel the need for an experienced reliable pair of hands to help. Many... Who will take care of all the paperwork? No worries, we will take care of everything. All paperwork is prepared by our staff under supervision of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (member of ICCRC). What's next? Find your nanny now! Find out how a live-in nanny changed the life of a Family in British Columbi... How long will it take me to find a right match? Our overseas office operates full time and is staffed by highly professional HR and Admin personnel from UK and its sole purpose is to personally meet, recruit and screen quality candidates. At any given time we have at least 80 screened available candidates you can interview and...

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Customer Testimonials
Hi Tina - we are very happy with Karheinz. She has become a part of our family in the short time she has been with us. I couldn't imagine balancing my work/home life without her! She is so kind and loving to both us and our baby girls. We look forwar Nicole Murphy, January 2014
We love Maricel! She is part of our family! We will provide you with reference anytime!! We expect we will need a nanny again in 3 years, that's if Maricel does not stay, so we will be coming back again. A long time from now, but we are glad we McLaughlin Family, ON, 2012
My family used FreeFromCare to arrange for a live in caregiver for our parents in a small town in Saskatchewan. We are very pleased with the assistance we received right from the interview stage to hiring. All paperwork was expedited in a timely fash Hudye Family, SK 2012
I have recommended your agency anytime I speak with someone who enquires about getting a nanny. I cannot say enough about how well our experience was with FreeFromCare and how lucky we were to end up with Noime!  Thanks again Jillian Jillian Arneaud, Paris, ON, 2012
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